NeoDen4--Without Auto Rails

Vision System

Support 0201/BGA/QFN

TM245P Advanced

High Speed and

Ultra Accurate


TM245P Standard 

High Speed and

Ultra Accurate

NeoDen4--With Auto Rails

Vision System 

Support conveyor,High Efficiency

Enterprise Target:

To be the top brand of full automatic pick and 

place machine in domestic market

Marketing concept:

Marketing is the center of all

Act what market needs, think what market wants

All the institute is served to the market; all the staff is served to the customer.

To search and develop the most suitable market for Neoden

and to obtain the highest market share are our targets

Quality concept:

Quality is the essential to company development

Technology innovation is the root of quality

User is the only judge for quality 

Customer concept:

Customer’s satisfaction is the vital criterion to measure our working achievement

Technology concept — technology is the eternal power, technology leads the future

Internationalization concept — international mind, international brand, international competition


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